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Project Management


Solar Power Plant

A solar power station is a facility that converts solar energy into electrical energy. It collects solar energy through solar panels and converts it into electricity to supply to users. This environmentally friendly energy solution reduces the need for fossil fuels while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable development.

Coal-fired Power Plant

Comprehensive planning and execution, optimizing resource allocation, ensuring high-efficiency energy output, while strictly controlling environmental impact, to achieve a balanced and successful coal-fired power station project management.


Gas Power Plant

Integrating strategy, technology and environmental protection, overall planning and resource allocation, emphasizing efficiency and sustainability, ensuring clean energy supply, and promoting energy transformation and sustainable development.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Integrate water resources, technology and environment, optimize planning and resource allocation, emphasize sustainability and ecological balance, ensure stable clean energy output, and promote the successful implementation of hydropower projects.


Wind Power Plant

Integrate meteorological, technical and social factors, plan resource allocation and environmental protection strategies, pursue efficient energy output, ensure sustainable power generation, and promote clean energy transformation and environmental protection.

Power Transmission and Transformation Project

Integrate technology, geography and reliability, plan layout, optimize resources, ensure efficient energy transmission, emphasize system stability, promote power transmission upgrades, and support sustainable energy distribution and supply.


Highway Project

Integrate transportation, engineering and environmental protection, plan resource allocation, technology upgrades, ensure efficient traffic and safety, focus on sustainability and social benefits, and promote regional interconnection and economic growth.

Environmental Protection Project

Use modern waste treatment plants to promote thorough classification and recycling, minimize the use of landfills, introduce environmentally friendly technologies, reduce emissions, and achieve sustainable development. Introducing advanced technology to achieve efficient water purification. Promote the recycling and reuse of water resources, reduce pollutant emissions, turn sludge into fuel, and protect the water ecological environment.

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Solar Panel Recycling

Photovoltaic panel recycling technology has reached a recycling rate of over 95%. Through precise separation and recycling processes, various materials in solar panels, such as silicon wafers, glass and metals, are effectively extracted and reused. This high recycling rate not only reduces resource waste, but also reduces environmental burden and promotes green and sustainable development.

Oil Refinery and Storage Projects

Integrate supply chain, safety and environmental protection, plan facilities, optimize resources, ensure efficient refining and storage, emphasize quality and sustainability, promote the coordinated development of petroleum processing and distribution, and meet energy demand.


Commercial Port Project

Integrate logistics, facilities and economy, plan layout, resource allocation, ensure efficient freight and operation, pay attention to safety and environmental protection, promote port function and sustainable development, and promote trade and economic growth.

Commercial Airport Project

Integrating aviation, infrastructure and economic factors, planning resource allocation, technological innovation, ensuring efficient operation and safety, emphasizing passenger experience and environmental protection, and promoting air transport and regional economic development.


Industrial Park Project

Integrate industry, infrastructure and sustainability, plan resource layout and environmental protection strategies, ensure efficient production and development, emphasize innovation and regional economic growth, and promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development.

Tunnel Engineering Project

Integrating transportation, environment and society, planning resource allocation, technological innovation, ensuring smooth and safe roads, focusing on sustainability and social benefits, and promoting transportation convenience and urban development.

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