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Corporate Services


​Company Establishment Consulting Service

We provide a full range of company establishment consulting services, including business planning, legal document processing, registration procedures, tax consulting, etc., to assist clients in successfully establishing a business, whether it is a start-up or business expansion. Our professional team is committed to reducing customer stress so they can focus on business development


Fund Establishment Consulting Service

We provide a full range of fund establishment consulting services, including planning, registration, legal document processing and compliance consulting. Fund functions include diversified investment portfolios, risk diversification, professional management and capital appreciation, aiming to provide investors with long-term income and asset appreciation opportunities.

Trust Establishment Consulting Service

We provide professional trust establishment services and provide full assistance from planning to registration. Trust functions include asset protection, asset management, estate planning, charitable giving and tax planning, and are designed to achieve the settlor's financial goals, safeguard the assets and best meet their needs and expectations.


Investment Platform Establishment Service

We provide tailor-made investment platform construction services to create a feature-rich, safe and reliable platform based on customer needs, including transaction execution, data analysis, user management, etc., aiming to achieve customers' specific investment goals and provide unique and meeting needs investment experience.


Investment Project Risk Assessment

We provide investment project risk assessment services, identifying potential risks and providing effective risk management strategies through in-depth analysis and evaluation. We are committed to helping customers make informed investment decisions, reduce the risk of loss, and maximize investment returns. Through our professional assessment, clients can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the potential risks of investment projects and provide valuable guidance for their investment strategies.


Corporate Education and Training Service

We provide corporate education and training services, covering leadership training, team building, professional skills improvement, etc. Through tailor-made courses, we help companies improve their employees' capabilities, stimulate their potential, and enhance their competitiveness. Our training programs combine the latest teaching methods and practical cases to ensure that trainees can quickly learn and apply the knowledge they have learned to achieve mutual development of individuals and organizations.

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